Golden Halloween Spider With Gemstones

Customisable 3D FloorGraphic template featuring a golden metal halloween spider over a classy black and white background.

Choose different spiders and background colours from the version selector
Edit 2D text, QR codes etc. locally. Add any additional contents.

Each design comes in two different print sizes:
– 64 x 96cm (24” x 36”)
– 40c x 60 cm (16” x 23.5”)


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Product description:

Digital graphic template for 3D FloorGraphics with customisable options per design. Each design comes in pre-calculated sizes (see product description). This graphic template can be edited in Adobe Illustrator and printed on any material depending on its use. Printed versions or fully custom graphics for your brand on demand.

Elevate your elegance! Witness a surge in your high-class fashion and jewelry store sales with our Luxurious 3D FloorGraphic that exudes opulence in every dimension. The centerpiece? A shimmering golden 3D metal spider adorned with gemstones, gleaming over a sophisticated black and white background mat. Observe as your customers gaze in admiration, their fascination driving them deeper into your exquisite collection. Gems and gold aren’t just for the jewelry box! This strikingly lavish design not only brings a touch of grandeur to your retail space but also acts as a beacon of luxury, beckoning to those with a penchant for the finer things. Beyond its visual appeal, this FloorGraphic is a strategic move to bolster your sales, making your store the ultimate destination for high-end shopping experiences. So, if you’re seeking a revenue uplift and are ready to captivate a clientele that appreciates premium aesthetics and quality, then this mesmerizing graphic display is your golden opportunity! It might just be the most sophisticated business enhancement you’ve ever chosen, transforming your retail space into a realm of luxury and allure!

Archive contents:

  • Illustrator .ai files (latest version)
  • 150 DPI
  • US Web Coated (SWOP) v2 CMYK profile
  • Clean and grouped layers
  • Path for die-cut and image bleed
  • Perspective calculation for observers positioned on same ground level as final print placement with approx. 165cm eye level and 200cm distance


  • 40x60cm(max)
  • 64x96cm(max)
  • Width is constant. Length varies per layout up to given max size

Customisable options:

  • All main type (fonts, font size, font colour)
  • All inner symbols (circles, icons, QR-codes etc)
  • All lower type (fonts, font size, font colour)

This design has been carefully calculated for optimal viewing from a distance of approximately two meters (6.5′). You’ll be standing on the same ground level as the printed image, creating an immersive and interactive experience. In addition to its visual appeal, this product is also designed with retail marketing strategy in mind. It serves as an effective point-of-sale marketing tool by attracting customers’ attention and encouraging them to engage more deeply with your store or brand. Please note that while this graphic is Halloween-themed, it can add charm and interest to your space at any time of year! So why wait? Bring some magic into your shop today! Serial: SSMPROD00073

A 3D floor decal showing a large golden metal spider jewellery toy robot figure on a white background. The large 3D metal spider features a large red ruby stone as its head and eyes. The body of the spider shows the intricate folding of golden metal plates, fixed with tiny gem stones. The legs are made of what appears to be a combination of white gold and Bernstein fixtures. The floor graphic addresses owners of exclusive retail stores to surprise their clients with classy in-store design.
Version number

version 1, version 2, version 3, version 4, version 5, version 6, version 7, version 8, version 9, version 10, version 11, version 12, All versions as package

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One template - many different uses

An example on how you can modify any single of our template for many uses - and many sales.

With any single template, you can create many different layouts for different uses.
The above example layout shows how any single of our templates (in just one colour) can be customised to convey your message for a lot of different signage requirements. With this kind of flexibility, you will sell a lot of prints from a single template.

A walkaround - 3D FloorGraphics from all sides

To better understand the look of a 3D FloorGraphic from all sides and to plan your use of individual 3D floor stickers or a whole lineup of 3D floor directional guidance signs, we have created a walk-around for you.
A 3D floor sign is typically oriented towards the general walking direction.