SSMPACK00001 – Discount A 12

Package of large 3D & upright standing type showing a variety of digits with percentage sign and additional space for customisable 2D type, icons, symbols, QR codes and web-addresses on the lower end. Each layout comes in two pre-calculated sizes for instant, perfect visibility and attention. See customisable options in description below.


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Product description:

Digital graphic template for 3D FloorGraphics with customisable options per design. Each design comes in pre-calculated sizes (see product description). This graphic template can be edited in Adobe Illustrator and printed on any material depending on its use. Printed versions or fully custom graphics for your brand on demand.

3D FloorGraphics: A Revolution in Floor Advertising

Our collection of 3D FloorGraphics are meticulously crafted to achieve optimal visibility and clarity from a distance of approximately two meters (6.5′). These graphics serve as high-impact visual communicators, ideal for retail environments or any space where you want to catch the eye and convey information or promotions effectively.

Product Features

  • Optimal Viewing: Carefully calculated designs for prominent visibility from approximately two meters (6.5′).
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for retail, point of sale, and various other environments, acting as notifier signs or promotional elements.
  • Customisable Designs: Each graphic template can be tailored to suit your brand and promotional needs, editable in Adobe Illustrator.

Design Characteristics

These 3D FloorGraphics feature vertically standing numerals and symbols, offering adaptable space for 2D type, icons, QR codes, and web addresses below. The unique and specialized graphic configurations are designed to signify sales, discounts, special offerings, and modifications in service or product volume.

Intended to act as effective communicators for surplus provisions and exclusive opportunities, they optimize promotional initiatives, making them a paramount choice for retail marketing, point of sale marketing, and POS marketing.

Color and Size Options

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Various sizes available, pre-calculated for each design to ensure optimal visibility.


The 3D FloorGraphics are versatile and can be used in various applications, whether you are looking to increase sales in retail or use them as highly visible 3D notifier signs. They are suitable for representing alterations in service or product volume, acting as efficient conveyors of nuanced information regarding services and offerings with precision and clarity.

Advanced and Multifaceted

Our advanced collection is multifaceted and technologically superior, serving as a full marketing pack for all your discount signage needs in retail and for services. Whether it is a sale, a discount, or a special offering, our 3D FloorGraphics are designed to catch the eye and convey the message effectively, making them an essential element in any promotional strategy.


3D FloorGraphics are revolutionary in conveying promotions, sales, and important information in a visually striking manner. With their optimal viewing distance, versatility in application, and customizable designs, they serve as invaluable assets in retail and point of sale environments. Their advanced and multifaceted nature makes them a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their promotional initiatives and convey information with utmost precision and clarity.

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Archive contents:

  • Illustrator .ai files (latest version)
  • 150 DPI
  • US Web Coated (SWOP) v2 CMYK profile
  • Clean and grouped layers
  • Path for die-cut and image bleed
  • Perspective calculation for observers positioned on same ground level as final print placement with approx. 165cm eye level and 200cm distance


  • 40x60cm(max)
  • 64x96cm(max)
  • Width is constant. Length varies per layout up to given max size

Customisable options:

  • All main type (fonts, font size, font colour)
  • All inner symbols (circles, icons, QR-codes etc)
  • All lower type (fonts, font size, font colour)

SSMPACK00001 A12


Shapeshifter Media

See our 3D FloorGraphics in action

One template - many different uses

An example on how you can modify any single of our template for many uses - and many sales.

With any single template, you can create many different layouts for different uses.
The above example layout shows how any single of our templates (in just one colour) can be customised to convey your message for a lot of different signage requirements. With this kind of flexibility, you will sell a lot of prints from a single template.

A walkaround - 3D FloorGraphics from all sides

To better understand the look of a 3D FloorGraphic from all sides and to plan your use of individual 3D floor stickers or a whole lineup of 3D floor directional guidance signs, we have created a walk-around for you.
A 3D floor sign is typically oriented towards the general walking direction.