3D Gift Boxes FloorGraphics Neon White

Customisable 3D FloorGraphic templates of glassy glowing neon 3D gift boxes in different styles promoting sales and discounts in retail stores and elegantly decorating events and exhibitions.

  • Choose your version or the full set from the version selector
  • Edit 2D text, QR codes etc. locally. Add any additional contents.

Each design comes in two different print sizes:
– 64 x 96cm (24” x 36”)
– 40c x 60 cm (16” x 23.5”)


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Product description:

3D Gift Boxes with a classy glowing neon look as 3D FloorGraphics template.

Digital graphic template for 3D FloorGraphic with customisable options per design. Each design comes in two pre-calculated sizes (64cm x 96cm and 40cm x 60cm). This graphic template can be edited in Adobe Illustrator and printed on any material depending on its use.
Printed versions or fully custom graphics for your brand on demand.

Rather get the black version?

Neon white 3D gift boxes are right over here.

SSMPROD00078 gift packs neon 1 001 64X96cm 015 4x5 shop
SSMPROD00078 black


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Elevate Your Retail Space with Dazzling 3D FloorGraphics!

Unleash a Design Revolution:

Dive into a new realm of revolutionary design with our premium 3D FloorGraphics. These aren’t merely designs; they’re masterpieces. A vivid dance of neon 3D gift boxes unfurls against a pristine white backdrop, turning every glance into a prolonged gaze.

Key Features:

  • Electrifying 3D Gift Box Visuals: Illuminate your space with two distinct versions of neon 3D gift boxes. The dominant gift box anchors the front left, ensuring all eyes land there first. A secondary design accentuates the back right, seamlessly adding depth and dimension. Together, they create a stunning visual symphony against the white canvas, making it impossible to look away.
  • Tailor-Made for Your Brand: Every brand is unique, and so should be its message. Using Adobe Illustrator, reshape and redefine the accompanying text to resonate with any occasion, sale, or announcement. It’s more than design; it’s your brand’s voice.
  • Built to Last: Beyond beauty, there’s resilience. Crafted with superior materials, these 3D FloorGraphics withstand the busiest footfalls while retaining their captivating charm.

Retailer Advantages:

  • Drive Sales Sky-High: Transform footfalls into sales. A captivating floor can intrigue and entice, leading to increased customer engagement and purchases.
  • Carve Your Brand Identity: Leave a lasting impression. A unique floor design becomes a conversation starter, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind and a hot topic of discussion.
  • Craft Memorable Experiences: Retailing isn’t just about transactions; it’s about unforgettable experiences. Let customers walk on art and feel the thrill of neon 3D gift boxes underfoot.

In a world where every edge counts, why settle for the ordinary? Embrace our 3D FloorGraphics and transform your retail space into an avant-garde gallery of design and innovation.

Purchase Options:

  • Individual Purchase: Select and buy individual designs based on your specific sales promotion needs.
  • Set Purchase: Acquire the complete set at a sales promotion rate for a comprehensive marketing approach.

Sizes included with each design:

  • 64 x 96cm (24” x 36”)
  • 40 x 60 cm (16” x 23.5”)
Version number

version 1, version 2, version 3, version 4, version 5, version 6, version 7, version 8, version 9, version 10, All versions as package




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See our 3D FloorGraphics in action

One template - many different uses

An example on how you can modify any single of our template for many uses - and many sales.

With any single template, you can create many different layouts for different uses.
The above example layout shows how any single of our templates (in just one colour) can be customised to convey your message for a lot of different signage requirements. With this kind of flexibility, you will sell a lot of prints from a single template.

A walkaround - 3D FloorGraphics from all sides

To better understand the look of a 3D FloorGraphic from all sides and to plan your use of individual 3D floor stickers or a whole lineup of 3D floor directional guidance signs, we have created a walk-around for you.
A 3D floor sign is typically oriented towards the general walking direction.