License for the use of printable graphics


for Shapeshifter Media´s product line: SSMPROD
available exclusively from:


Personal license:

You cannot obtain a personal license for these products


Commercial license:

The Commercial License provides the purchaser with a non-exclusive, commercial license to use graphics items to create unlimited physical (not digital) end products for sale. The use cases may include the creation of an unlimited number of physical (not digital) products that can be resold.

The licensed end products are:

  • self-adhesive floor stickers
  • floor mats
  • carpet mats

to use as communication tools in informative signage or advertising.
Other end products are not licensed through this license.

What you can do:

  •  create unlimited printed physical (not digital) end products for sale
  •  printed physical end products can be resold
  •  the design can be shared with a third party only for the reason of creating the printed physical end product (e.g. with printing companies, graphic design service providers) The third party must be informed of, consent to and uphold this license.
  •  create an unlimited number of final products that can bring you extra revenue
  •  create photos of the printed end products for use in your/your clients’ advertising material or on social media under the condition that no claim to the creation of the design is made by you/your clients or any third party involved in the process

What you can’t do:

  • – any modification to the design other than advertised for and described in the product description is prohibited
  • – changing the color of any of the included pixel graphic layers, backgrounds and 3D elements is prohibited
  •  using the designs for any other purpose than to create physical printed products for resale is prohibited
  •  extracting parts of the design is prohibited
  • printing the design at physical dimensions other than described in the product description is prohibited
  • sharing or distributing the design or any part of its containing archive is prohibited
  • use the licensed assets in pornographic, deceitful, suppressing the rights,
  • immoral, illicit, harassing, defamatory, and the like materials
  • hide true authorship of the assets or represent it wrong

The commercial license provides no further rights.

If you have any further questions about our licenses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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